1. How are teams placed?

Teams are placed by age and skill. We strive for each cheerleader to be able to execute level appropriate skills (listed on page 1 of handbook). Cheerleaders will be moved to level and age appropriate teams based on coaches’ recommendations. The coaches place each cheerleader where they will be successful, and the choices are what is best for the individual cheerleader, team and program.

*Age is based on birth year.

2. How much of a commitment is UMCA?

As competition cheerleading becomes more competitive each and every season, we want to ensure each cheerleader and family knows the level of commitment we expect at UMCA. UMCA should be a priority. We understand that cheerleaders are involved with many other activities. We will be flexible as long as the flexibility is reciprocated and that the flexibility is fair for all programs involved. Each practice and competition is mandatory!

3. Are there fundraising opportunities available?

Yes! We have multiple individual fundraisers available throughout the year as well as many team fundraisers. We urge everyone to use these as opportunities to offset the costs of the season. These fundraising profits can also be applied to The Quest!

4. What happens if I pay my tuition in full then have fundraising profits?

We will reimburse any fundraising amounts up to the amount paid out of pocket.You can also choose to apply this any of End of Year competitions or carry over to next season. Any over-fundraising money will be donated to the club. These refunds will be provided in February 2023. 

Example: If tuition was $100.00 and you paid us $100.00 on the 1st day of practice, then you sold pies and made a $200.00 profit, you would only be entitled to the $100.00 refund of your out-of-pocket money.

5. What is The Quest and will we be required to attend Quest?

The Quest Recreational Championship is the most competitive and prestigious end-of-season event for Rec & Youth Cheer. Teams will earn Paid Bids and At-Large Bids to The Quest during the season at several Varsity Spirit events. This exclusive event will be held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at the Walt Disney World Resort®, Florida. The Quest will feature the nation’s top Rec teams from across the country.

At Large Bids – Invitation to compete at The Quest. All expenses are responsibility of cheerleader.

Paid Bids – Invitation to compete at The Quest. Base package paid for by Varsity – cheerleader only.

You are not required to attend The Quest. You will indicate on your registration form if you wish to attend. Please note, if you choose not to attend, this may affect your placement in the routine. This is not punishment or a negative reflection; however, the choreographer will need to place you where it will be easily moved or removed. You may also be splitting a spot with another cheerleader for ease of change.

6. What is a crossover and how do I become one?

A crossover is a cheerleader who competes on two teams. Crossover spots are given to cheerleaders that are able to commit to the extra nights of practice as well as provide each team beneficial skills. Crossover spots are the last spots to be filled. *If you have previously been a crossover, you are not guaranteed to become one again*

7. Can I attend my cheerleader's practice?

We will be enforcing closed practices this season for all teams. We are more productive with less distractions. 

8. Do you offer tumbling classes? Do we have open gyms?

While we do not offer specific tumbling clases, we set aside time during our practices to focus on new skills and perfecting skills. We also hold private and semi-private lessons with our coaches. We will be able to hold open gyms and your tuition includes unlimited open gyms!